Our Team

We are a team of honest, hard-working individuals who are highly focused, but don’t forget to have fun along the way and genuinely enjoy what we do.


Director (aka Boss)

I love the feeling of pride when presenting our concepts or ideas to clients and seeing them come to life. I love watching guests gasp in wonder when they walk into one of our events.
Our key strength is being an “under the radar’ team – quietly creating awesomeness! When I work, I like to be balanced, composed, kind and calm; even if I’m freaking out inside. I believe in promoting personal growth through encouragement.
What I enjoy most about being at the office are the food tastings.
Escapes from work include chasing fluffy tennis balls around the court and the gym to burn, burn, burn!

“What if we could create a better life for everyone we come into contact with?”


Office Manager (aka “it’s broken, please fix it”)

Each Carrot brings so much passion to their job, creating events that
will blow your socks off!
The best thing about being a Carrot is our ‘carrot family’!
Working with them definitely sparks JOY!

When I am not at work, you will find me somewhere in nature
hopefully surrounded by dogs.

“What if we could bring dogs to work… #justsaying”


Events Manager (aka Kind-hearted Hero)

I’m hardwired for sweetness – anything other than being a “nice girl” just doesn’t cut it. I have a sense of belonging at 24 Carrots …
“A feeling that is most important in seeing value in life.”

Through team support and great management, we create magic.
It’s awesome having an opportunity to be creative, because
“Creativity is INTELLIGENCE having FUN”.
We always create successful events!

I try to bring out a personality in every project. To deliver great quality! In my downtime, I enjoy being in front of the TV and spending time with family!

“What if we all had superpowers…?
We would call it: The story of 24 Carrots Champions!”


Transport Manager (aka The Carrot Uber)

At 24 Carrots we communicate and work together.
We create a better future for ourselves and our clients.

I really enjoy making our team and our clients happy.
Joyful all the way! And with my family at home too.

Of course, eating those yummy treats at work, is also great fun;
and we always have a good time together!

“What if daredevil racing was allowed on a special day each year?”


Director (aka Mom Carrot)

My best thing about 24 Carrots is creating amazing events in a beautiful space with an awesome team whose key strengths are humility, having no boundaries and going beyond expectations, to create magic!

Every project represents this Carrot spirit and I love being ahead of the game, seeing my clients happy and proud of an event we’ve created. To achieve this, I’m super-responsible. Gentle, but a ‘warden’ too, never missing a deadline.
Away from the office, I’m nourished by special moments with friends and family; and the love for finding spiritual freedom – singing and laughing to my heart’s content!

“What if… oh no… I never became a Carrot?”


Graphic Designer (aka Miracle worker)

24 Carrots creates a space where everyone is allowed to express themselves.
A group of inspiring people going above and beyond as a team to add that
“24 Carrot magic” – we do mind blowing events.

When working on a project, I am that person who’ll be with you from beginning to end, present for the grind and the glory! It makes me happy to see clients loving my work. At the Carrot Patch, the best fun is eating cake when it’s someone’s birthday!

Outside of work, my escape is studying the human body.

“What if the comet that killed the dinosaurs was a UFO and we are the aliens?”


Founder and original Carrot

I’m creative, and quiet a lot of the time, then way too noisy, and full of energy and ideas the rest of the time.
The best thing for me is coming up with new ideas, and then watching the team and all our incredible partners turn these ideas into reality.
We’ve always worked with heart, and my wish is that in another two decades from now, the Carrot Patch is still going strong – all because of that same heart & soul. I’ve crossed paths with so many amazing people, who have all added value in some way. Some come and some go – but all of them have made a difference on so many levels.

What really makes the most difference in my life are: My Gogg. My kids. My Rosie-May, and finally, the ocean at Shelly Beach.

“What if everyone on the planet knew their purpose and was living it.”